How To Book A Dream Wedding On A Tight Budget


There are many ways you can save money on your dream wedding and still have everything you always wanted from your big day. Just because costs in the UK tend to be high, that doesn’t mean you have no options to cut costs without taking away from your experience.

Choose the right location

Unpredictable weather and high costs are making the UK a less attractive place to host your wedding. It’s so easy to travel elsewhere there’s really no reason not to save money by doing this. Even just travelling to most European countries will most likely cut your costs, since the cost of living is lower and there are more venues available all year round. Indonesia, South Africa and the Caribbean are also popular destinations that don’t cost as much as you might think.

Go at the right time

If you’re going somewhere known for its warm and sunny climate, you still have to do some research and ensure your dream wedding date doesn’t fall in a rainy season or a time where temperatures are extremely high. If your wedding is happening outside of peak season this will reduce the cost of accommodation and flights too.

Ensure everything is covered

Depending on how specific you’re being about the details of your wedding celebrations, you might find it better value to go a package deal to ensure you have everything covered, or alternatively you could hire a professional wedding planner. The benefits of this might include making it easier to deal with language barriers and getting advice on which deals are really the best value. Either way you need to make sure your costs are planned in advance so you don’t get unexpected bills for food, drink, entertainment or services you didn’t plan beforehand.