Benefits Of Having Your Wedding Abroad


In the UK, weddings have become infamous over the past few decades for breaking the bank in many cases. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in the UK has now surpassed £20,000. On the other hand, a wedding abroad averages only £8,000 in total, which is a massive saving in anyone’s book! If you want to save money on your wedding without compromising on how enjoyable your dream big day is, here are the benefits of hosting your wedding abroad.

Less guests to pay for

Your venue costs, as well as all the catering, can be covered by a much smaller budget by hosting your wedding abroad since less people are inevitably going to be able to travel. As long as your most important guests are able to make it this is a great way of cutting down from the start.

Reasonable venue prices

In the UK, since demand is so high, venues tend to hike up their prices constantly, especially in the summer. Abroad it can be much easier to find venues that are quieter, especially in places where the weather is good all year round, and the costs of living might be lower so prices are generally cheaper.

Day-to-day costs

Your wedding abroad is probably going to take longer than a couple of days. Another advantage of lower prices generally in other countries is that your food and drink throughout your stay is going to be cheaper for everyone.

Combine the wedding and honeymoon

If you’re holding your ceremony in a beautiful remote location, there’s no need to travel further to go on your honeymoon! Enjoy everything the location has to offer longer than the rest of your guests and travel back whenever you’re ready, and this is more than likely going to save you a lot.