Wedding Outfit Tips for Guest

wedding outfit
Getting invited as a guest at someone’s wedding is great. However, it can be a struggle to choose appropriate attire for the event. It’s essential to pick an outfit based on the theme or the location of the wedding. It will make it easier to narrow down your choices and select a few outfits that you can wear. To help you choose a suitable wedding outfit, we’ve provided some tips below.

Beach summer wedding

When attending a beach summer wedding, it’s essential to stick with long dresses with a light or neutral colours. You can always add a small pop of colour to make your outfit a bit more fun. A long dress is perfect for the location and the weather in case it starts to get windy during the event. A floral dress would also match the theme as they go nicely with the surroundings.

Alternative wedding

An alternative wedding theme is all about looking stylish but smart at the same time. For formal weddings, guests are generally expected to wear a dress. However, it’s acceptable to wear trousers for this kind of wedding. The trick to achieving the style is to add some chic accessories to the overall outfit. Blazers or feminine suits will go nicely with smart trousers. However, if you’re not into blazers, you can always try a full-on jumpsuit. We recommend looking for silk, floral lace or prints.

Formal wedding

A formal wedding is all about glam and glitter. When choosing an outfit look for the colour gold, silver or nude to up your glam. You may also want to try dresses with embellished designs. For shoes, choose a metallic or glittery heel. When it comes to accessories, go for large accessories to make a bold statement. It will also go well with simple dresses as it can dramatically change your overall look.