How to Plan a Festival Wedding

festival wedding

A festival wedding is not your usual wedding style. It’s perfect for couples who love the outdoor and festival scenes. Planning this type of wedding requires a lot of organising and research. To get you started, we’ve listed a few things that you need to keep in mind.


To know what you need for your wedding, think of your wedding dream in your head and write down your ideas. It could be having a dance floor area with a tent marquee or having a camping tent for your guests. Then start writing down a list of things that you need to make your ideal wedding into a reality.

Realistic Budget

The first step is to set a realistic budget for everything you need. Having an overall budget is ideal. However, you may want to set a budget for each requirement. This means having a set budget for catering, venue, dress, decorations and any other essential elements for your wedding.


The ceremony is an important part of your wedding. If you don’t mind getting married outside the church, then an outdoor ceremony will be perfect. When holding a ceremony in your chosen venue, you will need to check if they hold a license for a ceremony. Most sites usually have a license, but it’s always best to check in advance.


Setting up everything in an outdoor area can be costly, and you’ll need to create your facilities for guests who are staying over. For instance, you may need to hire toilets, showers and generators when setting up your outdoor festival wedding theme.


A festival wedding is not complete without a photo booth! You can hire a photographer to capture the important moments of your wedding day. You can even hire someone to video every detail of your wedding day.


Decorations are what will complete your entire festival theme. Think of all the decorations you will need to buy. For instance, you may want to think about lightings, flowers, wall decors, plants and any other suitable decors.