Why Do Asian Weddings Require Different Photography?

indian wedding

Weddings are unique events, since for most people the finer details of the ceremony are very personal, but at the same time they may be large, public celebrations. Each one will be completely unique, and that’s before you even consider the different traditions and religious influences which may be part of the process. To many people, their family background and personal beliefs will be intertwined with all their marriage plans, and these differences will also affect the kind of photography required for the event.

In the UK, you will find many amazing examples of diversity when it comes to wedding traditions and photography. There is a particularly large selection of specialist Asian wedding photographers in London and other areas where the Asian population is particularly high. In general, Asian weddings tend to be larger and more complex affairs than traditional Christian weddings, with more variations and different aspects of the ceremony to consider. The focus is usually on the wider family as well as just the bride and groom, too. All this can make the official photographer’s job more difficult!

For example, Indian weddings in particular tend to be very colourful and focus on the big celebration after the main ceremony, although this is, of course, crucial and very detailed. Lots of decorative gold jewellery is usually a common sight among the guests as well as the couple’s elaborate outfits. All these details make for wonderful wedding photography if it’s all done by an experienced professional. Sometimes the best way to capture all the most vibrant details on camera is by having the wedding filmed by a videographer, and often you can get this service from your photography studio.

It’s not just the visual aspects that affect the wedding photography, however. Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and other types of ceremonies all carry a lot of religious and cultural meaning, usually consisting of several consecutive ceremonies that may be spread over many hours or days. A planning session with your chosen photographer is usually the best way to ensure all the details are agreed, so they can keep up with the pace of the event and make sure all the most important moments are captured. To the untrained eye, some small but culturally important elements may not be obvious, so having a professional who specialises in Asian events is a significant advantage.

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