The best wedding destinations in 2018

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Once the engagement party is done, it’s now time to plan your wedding and decide on a perfect location for you and your partner. Choosing a location and venue can be difficult especially when you have so many choices available. To help you decide on your wedding location, we’ve listed some of the top wedding destinations this year.

Costa Rica

There has been an increased wedding celebrations in Costa Rica. It’s been predicted that Costa Rica would be one of the hottest places for a wedding this year. There’s a lot of reason why Costa Rica has become a popular destination for newly-weds. Firstly the location is affordable and jam-packed with adventures and natural surroundings. The Costa Rican also stands for their slogan called ‘Simple life’ which attracts couples who have the same beliefs.


Hawaii is the perfect paradise for any couples looking to get married. It is best known for its friendly locals, hot weather, beach and natural sceneries. It has the complete package for wedding celebrations, and it’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. Hawaii also offers a variety of resorts. We recommend having your wedding in one of their beautiful islands called Maui. The little island is filled with breathtaking waterfalls and rainbows which is the perfect scene for any wedding. There are also a lot of activities available including whale-watching, kayaking and much more.


For a romantic getaway, we highly recommend a town in Mexico called the Riviera Nayarit. This area is also well known for being one of the top celebrity destination. Riviera offers a vibrant beach vibes, exotic locations and delicious authentic foods which is a match made in heaven for any wedding celebrations. Riviera has a variety of luxury villas which is also ideal for a honeymoon vacation.

Getting Married In Hotter Climates: What To Remember

Destination weddings are a fantastic option for many couples. Traditional and religious ceremonies often lend themselves very well to being abroad where the weather is better, and modern ceremonies can also be enhanced significantly by a carefully-chosen location overseas. The fact that going abroad turns your wedding into more of a vacation is a massive appeal to many people, especially those who don’t often get a chance to share experiences like this with their friends and family.

However, it’s important not to get too caught up in the excitement and forget about the specific considerations you will need to have in the back of your mind when planning a wedding abroad – specifically in hotter countries that you and your guests simply aren’t used to.

Remember all of the following to ensure everyone has a fantastic time…

Get help from a local expert

A great suggestion whenever you decide to host your wedding overseas is to opt for local wedding planning services rather than someone based in the UK. On the whole, you will find that people who are based in the country you’re going to will have vastly more experience than those who aren’t. Check reviews for places that specialise in dealing with British weddings in your chosen location.

Show some cultural influence

Your wedding will inevitably be a mash-up of different cultures when you go abroad. Both of your families will bring in their own ideas and traditions, plus you have the added dimension of being in a foreign country. The best solution is usually to blend the best of all the cultures you have available, taking inspiration from home and your destination.

Keep everyone hydrated and entertained

You might not realise how much of a difference the hot weather can make to your hydration levels until it’s too late. Especially when people are being severed alcoholic beverages, the demand for water is going to skyrocket. Make sure you keep all your guests safe, healthy and entertained when everyone is gathered in a hot location.

Book with seasonal weather in mind

Just because you’re heading to somewhere that’s known for its sunshine and heat doesn’t mean you will be guaranteed that at any time of the year. Sometimes the summer is the worst time to visit a hot country, depending on whether they have rainstorms periodically as many southern-hemisphere countries do. You will most likely want to avoid this when you make a booking, so consider the differences around the world.

Unique & Exciting Wedding Destinations


When it comes to getting married, it’s important to pull out all the stops and make it something worth remembering for the bride, groom and guests. This goes beyond the simple ceremony as well; it’s important to pick a good destination. One good way to ensure a memorable day is to consider having a wedding abroad, which we always advocate… but what about breaking away from predictable choices and going for some of these exciting places?

Koh Phangan, Thailand

This is a leafy island destination that is close to the lovely waters of Thailand, which provides a nice sense of far-flung culture on a bed of sand that satisfies any kind of wedding theme. Consider looking through some nearby jungle temples or hop on a boat at the Ang Thong National Marine Park, for a trip or even for the wedding itself to create an unforgettable experience.

Dubai, UAE

If you’re looking for an exciting Asian wedding venue, then Dubai is a perfect destination. Crystal clear waters, beaches that stretch for miles and sunny skies throughout the year are just a few of the draws. A beach ceremony would create beautiful photos and memories for the newlyweds and guests. It is home to the most luxurious 5, 6 and 7 star hotels and resorts in the world, so you could have the ceremony and honeymoon at different high class locations. The Dubai Fountain is also a great place to check out for a ceremony venue as they have breathtaking displays. They also have high tech clubs for hen and stag parties. Continue reading →

Top Wedding Destinations of 2016


A dream wedding abroad could be the best holiday you ever plan for yourself, so it’s worth putting in a bit of work finding the ideal destination for you. If you get it right and find somewhere that’s perfect for all your needs, you might even be able to combine the honeymoon and the ceremony – in fact, you might never want to come home from some of these places! Here is a roundup of some of our favourite destinations that are hot this year.


An ever-popular destination for people around the world, Greece has a wide variety of great locations, mostly on its many islands which all feature their own unique benefits. Whether you’re looking for a party scene, luxury hotel or villas, you can find it all in Greece.


The rules on marriage in California are pretty straightforward, which makes it a popular choice already since it’s so easy to get a marriage license and find someone who can officiate. Our favourite reason to get married in this American state, though, is the sheer range of amazing venues to choose from. It has beaches, vineyards, lakes, forests and much more so you can take your pick. Continue reading →

Mediterranean Wedding Destinations


Struggling to find the right balance between all the factors you want to consider when planning your dream marriage ceremony? A Mediterranean wedding may be just the solution you’ve been searching for. Weddings in Cyprus, Malta or Italy pretty much guarantee you a fabulous day almost all year round, with beautiful weather and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea to match.

Not only that, but saving money by having your wedding outside of the UK means you can splash out on some extra luxuries when you’re there. Local event coordinators like Aphrodite Weddings in Cyprus can give indispensable advice to foreign couples looking to get married abroad.

But which venue is the perfect one for you? Here are some of our favourite destinations in the Mediterranean.

Ayia Napa

Located in the Eastern coast of Cyprus, the municipality is one of the top travel destinations in the Mediterranean. Ayia Napa known for its golden sandy beaches and breathtaking sunsets, making it one of the most sought-after beach wedding venues in the country.


It is the third largest city in Cyprus with rows of luxury hotel resorts near the bay that offer civil weddings. Within the area is the incredibly beautiful Terra Santa Roman Catholic Church, famously booked year-round for weddings and baptisms. Continue reading →

The Best Wedding Venues In Cyprus


Cyprus is widely known for being one of the world’s premier destinations for weddings abroad. “People from all over the world flock to the Island of Love to host their marriage celebrations for a variety of reasons, whether it’s for a small private ceremony or a more extravagant affair,” says Jane, a wedding coordinator from Golden Coast Beach Hotel, one of the best wedding venues in Cyprus. “The weather is beautiful throughout most of the year, the people are known for being friendly and welcoming, and the scenery all over the island is simply breathtaking.” If you do choose to look for your dream wedding venue in Cyprus we can guide you through the best places to start. Continue reading →

How To Choose Your Wedding Venue Abroad


If you’re thinking of having your wedding abroad then you must have already been won over by the countless benefits of travelling. We’re all about chasing your dream wedding so it’s great if you’ve decided to pull out all the stops in the name of love and take your celebratory ceremony overseas.

However, that’s just the first step. How do you now decide what your venue is going to be, and where in the world you can find it? Whether you’re looking at hosting your big day in France, getting married in Cyprus or tying the knot in Thailand, there are an overwhelming number of choices to make. That’s why, to help you out, we’re looking at the plus points for each different type of venue you can go for, as well as the potential downsides.

Option 1: Outdoors

Nature makes the perfect backdrop for a beautiful scene like a wedding! Whether it’s fields of flowers, mountains and hills or a golden beach at sunset, the decorations are already done for you. However, if you’re not satisfied with that, it’s easy to add your own setup such as lighting, seating and even larger structures to keep your wedding covered, all without having to worry too much about space.

On the other hand, the weather is likely to be unpredictable even if you choose a hot and sunny destination. If you want your wedding outside you might have to weatherproof the event and the guests which can be expensive, plus it’s hard to keep the temperature under control which is an issue when everyone’s outfits are so important!

Option 2: Indoors

If you’re choosing to have a ceremony at a church, a mosque or any other religious setting, you’re probably going to be safe from the elements. You can also host a fabulous wedding in a hotel, a restaurant or pretty much any other indoor location of your choosing. You can enjoy the benefit of fully trained staff at the venue, as well as having accommodation built-in for the guests and even the happy couple for the honeymoon.

The only thing to be wary of is hidden costs, because if someone else is hosting your event and providing everything you need with no questions asked, chances are you’re going to be billed for it later and you have to bear this in mind. You can also be quite restricted as you have the follow whatever rules are in place for your venue.

Options 3: The best of both worlds

Our favourite strategy for choosing your venue is to have the best of both, and choose a combination of outdoor and indoor events for your wedding. If you’re able to travel abroad and all your guests can afford to join you, that’s perfect and you can probably enjoy a fabulous celebration outside providing the weather is on your side. If you’re closer to home or somewhere the weather can’t be predicted, be flexible so you can make the most of any good weather but you’re still able to keep everything on schedule (and dry) should conditions take a turn for the worse. The key, as always, is to be prepared in advance and everything should run smoothly on your dream wedding day.

8 Dream Wedding Destinations Around The World


The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a location for your dream destination wedding. Here is a roundup of our favourite places to capture the dream wedding you’ve always wanted!


The original city of love and one of Europe’s cultural capitals, Paris is the ideal backdrop for your ceremony and your photos of the happy day are almost guaranteed to look stunning. If you’re able to find accommodation with a view of the iconic Eiffel Tower you’ll be in a prime location for everything the city has to offer.


With stunning natural beauty all over The Emerald Isle there are countless ideal locations available for you to hold your wedding. You can even go as far as to rent an entire castle to host your celebrations, but if that’s beyond your budget there are many fabulous hotels with beautiful views of the green landscape that are sure to fit the bill.

Greek Islands

Greece has a wonderfully rich history which is evident all over its many islands, with amazing ancient architecture to discover coupled with amazing beaches and views in every direction. Santorini is particularly popular as a dream wedding destination.

Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman is the most popular of these tropical islands and a perfect destination for a beach wedding. Keeping your guests busy for the rest of their stay will be easy since the island is known for its water sports and the quality of its hotels.


If you don’t mind the long distance, Jamaica is a slightly different option if you want to enjoy your dream wedding on a golden beach under the palm trees. All inclusive resorts are recommended here because they are to an extremely high standard and you can have the entire wedding proceedings dealt with in one place.


Weddings in Indonesia are extremely popular thanks to the beautiful scenery on offer, plus excellent traditional food and a vibrant atmosphere. The most highly recommended destination for your celebration is Jimbaran Bay which encapsulates the best of what Bali has to offer.


One of the world’s most picturesque and popular holiday islands, Fiji is ideal not only for weddings but also honeymoons. The only downside to the beautiful location is that through a good portion of the year it’s going to be throwing it down with rain, so it’s only suitable if your date doesn’t fall in this season.


Goa is an up-and-coming destination for Western tourists looking for original wedding venue ideas, but it’s quickly becoming more and more popular thanks to its stunning architecture and fabulous natural beauty. It’s one of India’s most fashionable and high-end destinations making it perfect for a dream wedding.

The Best Wedding Venues In Italy


Italy as a whole country is extremely popular for weddings abroad. If you’re considering holding your ceremony at an Italian venue to enjoy the culture, food and history on offer then you might want to consider a few of the following key places.


An obvious one to begin with, the iconic capital city is densely packed with rich culture as well as vibrant nightlife that will make any hen or stag party one to remember. The Castello della Castelluccia is a medieval castle with fabulous gardens situated only a couple of miles from the centre of Rome, making it an ideal choice for magical weddings. Alternatively you could opt for the Villa Grazioli hotel, a stunning 16th century building in the centre of a lush green park that’s perfect for hosting weddings.


For a change from the busy city of Rome and its surroundings, Tuscany is more focused on the natural landscape including rolling hills and vineyards for miles. For a traditional but modern wedding, somewhere like the Villa Magi close to Siena and Arezzo is maintained to a very high standard. Villa Podernovo nearby is more suited to charming countryside weddings with a more historical and rustic design that’s nonetheless immaculate.


One of the most romantic locations in the world, let alone just Italy, Venice is known as an ideal place to hold a wedding. It’s decorative bridges, relaxing gondola rides and boutique shopping scene make it a wonderful place to spend the time before and after the big day with all your guests. There are also many venues to hold the ceremony itself at, such as the five star Ca’Sagredo Hotel overlooking the Grand Canal, or the Molino Stucky Hilton on Giudecca Island with multiple function rooms and top of the range wedding hosting facilities.

Greek Islands That Could Be Perfect For Your Dream Wedding


Greece is primarily made up of a host of different islands, many of which are perfect for weddings, but the exact benefits on offer do vary between the islands. Depending on your requirements you might want to pick one of the following locations to throw a party for your dream wedding.


If your ideal wedding would be in a chapel or perhaps a natural spa, Rhodes is the best choice for you. It’s the sunniest island in Greece over the entire year and is easily accessible from throughout the UK.


A very historical island, Crete is filled with lovely countryside scenery and rustic buildings. It’s ideal for most types of weddings especially if you want your backdrop to be the wonderful scenery on offer.


This island is famous for its beaches and everything to do with the sea. If you want to have your wedding on a boat or in a scenic seaside chapel, Lefkas is going to be perfect for you. For something more private you might look to one of the villages tucked away in the mountains.


One of the greenest islands in the region, Corfu is known as the “Emerald Isle” of Greece with the natural beauty supplemented by the historical Venetian towns and unique wedding venues dotted around the island.


This island is great value for money as the most scenic areas are less known than the regions more famous for vibrant nightlife. If you want your wedding on a soft sandy beach than Zante should be your top choice. It’s also the famous home of loggerhead turtles.


The south of Cyprus is primarily Greek and offers probably the biggest selection of different wedding venue types. Everything is on offer here from five star hotels by the sea to secluded villages in the mountains. Paperwork is made simple thanks to straightforward legal guidelines for weddings and a high proportion of British people already settled on the island.