Getting Married In Hotter Climates: What To Remember

Destination weddings are a fantastic option for many couples. Traditional and religious ceremonies often lend themselves very well to being abroad where the weather is better, and modern ceremonies can also be enhanced significantly by a carefully-chosen location overseas. The fact that going abroad turns your wedding into more of a vacation is a massive appeal to many people, especially those who don’t often get a chance to share experiences like this with their friends and family.

However, it’s important not to get too caught up in the excitement and forget about the specific considerations you will need to have in the back of your mind when planning a wedding abroad – specifically in hotter countries that you and your guests simply aren’t used to.

Remember all of the following to ensure everyone has a fantastic time…

Get help from a local expert

A great suggestion whenever you decide to host your wedding overseas is to opt for local wedding planning services rather than someone based in the UK. On the whole, you will find that people who are based in the country you’re going to will have vastly more experience than those who aren’t. Check reviews for places that specialise in dealing with British weddings in your chosen location.

Show some cultural influence

Your wedding will inevitably be a mash-up of different cultures when you go abroad. Both of your families will bring in their own ideas and traditions, plus you have the added dimension of being in a foreign country. The best solution is usually to blend the best of all the cultures you have available, taking inspiration from home and your destination.

Keep everyone hydrated and entertained

You might not realise how much of a difference the hot weather can make to your hydration levels until it’s too late. Especially when people are being severed alcoholic beverages, the demand for water is going to skyrocket. Make sure you keep all your guests safe, healthy and entertained when everyone is gathered in a hot location.

Book with seasonal weather in mind

Just because you’re heading to somewhere that’s known for its sunshine and heat doesn’t mean you will be guaranteed that at any time of the year. Sometimes the summer is the worst time to visit a hot country, depending on whether they have rainstorms periodically as many southern-hemisphere countries do. You will most likely want to avoid this when you make a booking, so consider the differences around the world.

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