How to plan a wedding in St Lucia

st lucia

Weddings in the Caribbean are becoming more popular than ever. St Lucia is one of the famous Caribbean islands to hosts thousands of wedding each year. There are plenty of reasons why couples are getting married in St Lucia. Not only is it a beautiful place to get married but it’s also fairly affordable to have your wedding in the Caribbean. If you’re having your wedding in St Lucia, it’s important that you plan it way in advance. To help you plan your wedding, we’ve come up with some tips below.

Flights to St Lucia

Find out the price of the flights on the month you are flying to St Lucia. It’s also important to confirm how many people can attend your wedding day. If you are paying for the flight tickets for the guests, then it’s ideal to have a rough idea of how much you would need to pay for the flights. However, if the guest is paying for their flights, then you can provide them with an estimated price.

Wedding packages

Some hotels and resorts offer a full wedding package. Browse around and see which hotels or resort will suit your budget. The wedding package is suitable for couples who want less hassle in planning their wedding. Depending on the resort, some packages may not include everything you need, so it’s ideal to check what exactly is included and what isn’t. Finding out what’s included will determine what other services you would need to hire out for your wedding.

When to go

May is the perfect month to have your wedding in St Lucia as it’s the time when the weather is consistently warm and sunny. The worst month to visit would be in December as the flights will be more expensive than usual.


Find out the process of applying for a marriage license in St Lucia. The application would need to be booked in advance for the ceremony. A fee will be required for processing the legal paperwork before and after the wedding ceremony.

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