Top Wedding Destinations of 2016


A dream wedding abroad could be the best holiday you ever plan for yourself, so it’s worth putting in a bit of work finding the ideal destination for you. If you get it right and find somewhere that’s perfect for all your needs, you might even be able to combine the honeymoon and the ceremony – in fact, you might never want to come home from some of these places! Here is a roundup of some of our favourite destinations that are hot this year.


An ever-popular destination for people around the world, Greece has a wide variety of great locations, mostly on its many islands which all feature their own unique benefits. Whether you’re looking for a party scene, luxury hotel or villas, you can find it all in Greece.


The rules on marriage in California are pretty straightforward, which makes it a popular choice already since it’s so easy to get a marriage license and find someone who can officiate. Our favourite reason to get married in this American state, though, is the sheer range of amazing venues to choose from. It has beaches, vineyards, lakes, forests and much more so you can take your pick. Continue reading →

Mediterranean Wedding Destinations


Struggling to find the right balance between all the factors you want to consider when planning your dream marriage ceremony? A Mediterranean wedding may be just the solution you’ve been searching for. Weddings in Cyprus, Malta or Italy pretty much guarantee you a fabulous day almost all year round, with beautiful weather and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea to match.

Not only that, but saving money by having your wedding outside of the UK means you can splash out on some extra luxuries when you’re there. Local event coordinators like Aphrodite Weddings in Cyprus can give indispensable advice to foreign couples looking to get married abroad.

But which venue is the perfect one for you? Here are some of our favourite destinations in the Mediterranean.

Ayia Napa

Located in the Eastern coast of Cyprus, the municipality is one of the top travel destinations in the Mediterranean. Ayia Napa known for its golden sandy beaches and breathtaking sunsets, making it one of the most sought-after beach wedding venues in the country.


It is the third largest city in Cyprus with rows of luxury hotel resorts near the bay that offer civil weddings. Within the area is the incredibly beautiful Terra Santa Roman Catholic Church, famously booked year-round for weddings and baptisms. Continue reading →

Greek Islands That Could Be Perfect For Your Dream Wedding


Greece is primarily made up of a host of different islands, many of which are perfect for weddings, but the exact benefits on offer do vary between the islands. Depending on your requirements you might want to pick one of the following locations to throw a party for your dream wedding.


If your ideal wedding would be in a chapel or perhaps a natural spa, Rhodes is the best choice for you. It’s the sunniest island in Greece over the entire year and is easily accessible from throughout the UK.


A very historical island, Crete is filled with lovely countryside scenery and rustic buildings. It’s ideal for most types of weddings especially if you want your backdrop to be the wonderful scenery on offer.


This island is famous for its beaches and everything to do with the sea. If you want to have your wedding on a boat or in a scenic seaside chapel, Lefkas is going to be perfect for you. For something more private you might look to one of the villages tucked away in the mountains.


One of the greenest islands in the region, Corfu is known as the “Emerald Isle” of Greece with the natural beauty supplemented by the historical Venetian towns and unique wedding venues dotted around the island.


This island is great value for money as the most scenic areas are less known than the regions more famous for vibrant nightlife. If you want your wedding on a soft sandy beach than Zante should be your top choice. It’s also the famous home of loggerhead turtles.


The south of Cyprus is primarily Greek and offers probably the biggest selection of different wedding venue types. Everything is on offer here from five star hotels by the sea to secluded villages in the mountains. Paperwork is made simple thanks to straightforward legal guidelines for weddings and a high proportion of British people already settled on the island.